We offer a wide selection of wigs for women so that you can have your perfect hair, whenever you want! If you want a wig that feels just like your bio hair, and that you can style as you wish.


What is a Medical Wig?

Also referred to as cranial hair prosthesis, a medical wig is specially designed for patients who lose their hair due to cancer treatments, Alopecia and other medical conditions. There are many medical conditions that lead to moderate or severe hair loss in men and women.


                       What is a Monofilament Wig?

When choosing a natural wig,  Cap Construction   is key. Let’s start by thinking about what is monofilament? A monofilament is a type of wig cap construction upon which a fine layer of transparent micro-mesh is inserted either at the parting, crown or top area. Each strand of hair is then individually hand tied to this layer of mesh to mimic natural hair growth.